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Prewar Motorcycle Books

If you are interested in the history of old motorcycles, this is your source.

I collected photos and documents of motorcycles since 40 years. I like to share this information. To do a book is one way to save the heritage of motorcycle history. What are you doing with your collection?

My special interest is in American-Excelsior motorcycles and others, as well as Board Track racing.

As self publisher I make the books only in small numbers, as interest in prewar motorcycles has its limits today.

The books are from the Enthusiast for the Enthusiast.

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AXTitel Fb16 Klein



  • Vollgas-Rennspass Darmstadt 22.Juni 2024
  • 19.Track Racer Treffen Bielefeld 14.September 2024
  • 1. Forster Bahn-Rauschen am 12.10.2024 in Forst / Lausitz

Die Opelrennbahn heute

Last Track Race 2018 in Nürnberg

Board Track Race 1921 – Excelsior, Indian, Harley-Davidson

This silent movies are a great pice of history.


Board Track Race 1919 — Excelsior, Indian, Harley-Davidson

This movie was also available by the Indian dealer Marik from Prag/ Czech Republic today. A copy of his movie survived but with different motion pictures  The movie has Czech language sub titles.

Marik sold more Indian motorcycles  in the mid twenties in Europe then Harley – Davidson and Excelsior!

This silent movie is a great pice of history!


Track Racer Meeting 2016 Bielefeld Velodrome (333m, 49 deg)

Below Board Track Event in Hannover (333,33 m, 49 deg)


Excelsior 7S.C. 1913 (1000cc)  & Excelsior Super X 1925 (750cc)


Below: Impressions from our Track Race Meet in  Nürnberg Reichelsdorf (400m, 49 deg) 27 May 2017 

Abriss Reichelsdorfer Keller 2023 beschlossen:

Nach 119 Jahren Renngeschehen gibt es in Nürnberg die Radrennbahn Reichesdorfer Keller nicht mehr. Deutschlands älteste noch existierende Radrennbahn von 1904 , ist abgerissen worden. Dieser Sachverhalt wurde vom Denkmalschutz in einer Abstimmug von Bürgern „Zum Abriss des Jahres 2023“ gekürt.  


Action in the 400m oval Velodrome. All events are no races! We do it just for fun…..


The German Board Track Wrecking Crew

Excelsior Super X 1925


Harley 1920 (1000cc) in Action


Cleveland 4-45 (750cc) from 1927


Indian 1914 (1000cc) in full Speed

Chemnitz  Board Track Meeting 2019

Track: 333,33 m,  49 deg.


Anzani 2.500 cc


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