Vintage Revival Montlhery 2015

Montlhery is the last surviving 2 km (1.25 mile) high speed race track from 1925 in France near Paris. The video below gives an impression.  Vintage Revival Montlhery is a pre war meeting for cars and motorcycles. Put on your period clothes and visit the next meeting in 2021

Excelsior OHC Replica 61 cubic inch (1000 cc) More Informations about the Excelsior OHC in the book American Excelsior or American X.


Indian OHV Racer 1912 61 cubic inch (1000 cc) More Informations about the Indian 8 valve in the book American Excelsior


Race car with an Curtiss V8 aero engine


Excelsior Super X Racer 1925 45 cubic inch (750 cc). More Informations about the Excelsior Super X in the book American Excelsior or American X.P1010021

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