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 Prewar Motorcycle Books

If you are interested in the history of old motorcycles, this is your source.

I collected photos and documents of motorcycles since 40 years. I like to share this information. To do a book is one way to save the heritage of motorcycle history. What are you doing with your collection?

My special interest is in American-Excelsior motorcycles and others, as well as Board Track racing.

As self publisher I make the books only in small numbers, as interest in prewar motorcycles has its limits today.

The books are from the Enthusiast for the Enthusiast.

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Buch AX Titel  AXTitel Fb16 Klein














The book American Excelsior is nearly sold  — order now

Das Buch American Excelsior ist fast ausverkauft! — Bestellen sie jetzt





Nürnberg Bahnrennen auf der Bahn von 1903 — die Bahn steht vor dem Abriss!










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