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Note: If you by an American Excelsior book and you like to purchase a other book as well, shipping will usually not increase, because we are within the weight limit! So consider this when you order a book.


Indian Motorcycle for 29,00 Euro. (You save 40% to the former price)

American X for 39,00 Euro. (You save 20 % to the former price)

Murderdrome for 49,00 Euro. (You save 30% to the former price)

After you placed your order you receive a bill. The shipping costs depend on the amount of books and the country. Note: To the U.S. and Australia, the shipping will take approx. 3 weeks.

As the books are close to be sold out, please obey the following: As we ship the books after payment don’t wait too long with payment. First come first save! 

Nach dem Senden Ihrer Bestellung erhalten Sie umgehend eine Rechnung von uns. Die Preise enthalten 7 % MwSt. Nach Eingang Ihrer Überweisung werden wir sofort das Buch an Sie versenden. Je nach Menge und Versandart sowie bei Versendungen ins Ausland ergeben sich unterschiedliche Portokosten

Europa: Money transfer for European customers only by bank transfer via IBAN & BIC / Nur Banküberweisung via BIC und IBAN für Kunden aus Europa

Outside Europe: PayPal possible



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